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Whether it’s a gifting idea or a neatly packaged box, we provide you with perfect packaging options. We have folding and rigid boxing options that can ideally be turned to a gift or a chocolate gifting box. We make regular, flat, long, telescopic, side-loading boxes and much more. Material options include hard case or Food grade and Craft. Boxes can be made with food board material, hard case, PU and even leather. Boxes can be furbished with velvety inside cloth, foam material or even racks can be added to increase the aesthetic appeal.

  • Chocolate box printing
  • Perfume box printing
  • Food grade packaging box printing
  • Gift box printing
  • PU gift box printing
  • Craft paper box printing
  • Hard case box printing
Chocolate Box
Craft Boxes
Food grade box
Gift Box
Perfume box
PU gift box
PU gift box

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